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[04] Volleyball Game The Referee Basical Objectives

The essence of a good official lies in the concept of fairness and consistency:
- to be fair to every participant,
- to be viewed as fair by the spectators.
This demands a huge element of trust - the referee must be trusted to allow the players to entertain:
- by being accurate in his/her judgement;
- by understanding why the rule is written;
- by being an efficient organizer;
- by allowing the competition to flow and by directing it to a conclusion;
- by being an educator - using the rules to penalise the unfair or admonish the impolite;
- by promoting the game - that is, by allowing the spectacular elements in the game to shine and the best players to do what they do best: entertain the public.
Finally we can say that a good referee will use the rules to make the competition a fulfilling experience for all concerned.
To those who have read thus far, view the rules which follow as the current state of development of a great game, but keep in mind why these preceding few paragraphs may be of equal importance to you in your own position within the sport.
Get involved ! Keep the ball flying !

[03] Volleyball Game a Competitive Sport[05] Volleyball Game Facilities Playing Area


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